Junior/U23 Team Documentation

2018 Junior Europeans Selection Criteria

Target Event: Junior Europeans

Target Venue:2 - 5 Aug Skopje MKD Note: It is expected that venue and/or date may change

Event and Venue Assessment:

Performance Level required for the Target Event has been designated: Medium

Athletes should demonstrate a commitment to perform well. Achievement of good results is expected, although latitude is given to wider objectives such as, but not limited to, gaining international experience – as a guide, to finish in the Top Two Thirds in MK1 or equivalent % down on winner in other classes.

The Risk Level of the Target Venue has been designated: Medium

The venue is unlikely to cause capsize. Risk of loss or damage to equipment is low and risk of personal injury is unlikely.

Eligibilty Assessors: National Coaches and Team Management

Selection Registration Date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Selection Event: Grandtully, river Tay Scotland Saturday 17 & 18 February 2018

Selection Model: Combined selection model

Maximum Team per class: 4 boats

Estimated Team Contribution: It is expected the team contribution will be £350 - £550 per athlete.

Sports Aid Process

Sports Aid is the main route for grant applications for juniors. The criteria is based on GB team membership. British Canoeing will contact the members of the GB junior team to invite them to submit an application. Final assessment will be made by Sports Aid.