Welcome to Wildwater Canoeing

Wildwater Canoeing is a discipline of canoe racing, also known as Wildwater Racing and Whitewater Racing. The wildwater time trial is the purest of whitewater racing forms - the athlete, the river, the clock.

A racing performance is the result of physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the water - and is the only sport where social paddling is necessary to achieve a peak performance. Beautiful water, scenery and companionship make the Wild Water Racing experience compelling. The competitor is free to take whichever route on the river they desire, a freedom of racing unsurpassed in the whitewater world. 

Wildwater Canoeing is governed by British Canoeing

Post-Christmas Grandtully WWR Training Camp

Post-Christmas Grandtully WWR Training Camp

The third GB Canoeing WWR Training Event of the season is planned for Monday 28th December - Wednesday 30th at Grandtully.

The event is being run by National Coaches Paul Anderson & Nicky Cresser,  the format consisting of rough water training on the Tay with a distance morning session and shorter efforts planned for the afternoon on each day.

Coaching and structured training sessions will be provided, but athletes are required to be self-sufficient in terms of equipment and transport.  Junior athletes will be the responsibility of a parent or nominated adult and must be competent on grade 3 water.

There is a local fleet of Wave-Hoppers that can be made available for use on request.

Meeting time is planned for 9.30am at the SCA car park, Grandtully. To register for the event contact Paul on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Burrs/Irwell Details

Details for the upcoming burrs race have been added to the calendar. This is a great race for both beginners and improvers, we look forward to seeing you there.

Matlock series

A reminder that the Matlock series starts this Saturday kindly sponsored by East Midlands paddlers. Please lt me have any entries asap.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Race Organisers News

Race Organisers

Any clubs/organisers wanting to run races need to have an appropriate safety officer who has attended the BC event safety training. A risk assessment is also needed for each event. Race organisers should fill in the race pro forma and return with the risk assessment prior to the race to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is advised that  the organiser displays details of the nearest hospital and apropriate first aider as well as the risk assessment at the event.

Avon Descent

Scottish Race 8th November Pinkston

The final Scottish Series Wild Water Race of the year will be held in conjunction with the Slalom Committee on Sunday 8th November at Pinkston, Glasgow. 

The event follows the Scottish Slalom Championships and will make for a wonderful weekend of white water sport.

The contest for Scottish championship prizes remains close in all classes and the final race will determine winners for 2015.

Please note due to the nature of the course there will be no C2 event.

A number of Wavehoppers will be made available for paddlers from the slalom to stay on and just jump in and race.

To pre enter register with Paul Anderson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Urgent notice- Due to lack of rain and very low water levels the Dart national race will not be running this weekend. All those that entred have been notified.

Dart Race Postponed

The Dart races for this weekend have been cancelled. They will be re-scheduled for a later date when we have some better water levels.

National WWR Team Plan 2016

It is the The desire and ambition of the National Coaching Team to create a cohesive support structure for 2016 and beyond, supporting and nurturing those who aspire to compete at national representative levels.

The below sets a basic framework and a national coaching team to deliver this ambition, and set standards and events from which athletes can plan ahead and seek the required support.

 GB Team Selection 2016

  • Selection for 2016 Great Britain teams will be at Grandtully on 16th and 17th April 2016.
  • Rationale - The course is the most representative to that of the senior world championships in nature and length.
  • Race Organiser – Paul Anderson

Postponed - October Pinkston Race

Please note the October Pinkston race has been moved from Oct 17th to 8th November. This is unfortunately due to quite unusual unforseen circumstances. We have been informed that we are unable to access the course on the 17th due to the presence of robots. We have offred them boats to join in the race but they will be too busy cleaning the course and can't race and clean at the same time.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th November. Please ensure all boats and paddles are clean as we don't want to undo all the good work of the robots.