Rivers FAQ

A selection of example rivers which are suitble for a particular level of competence.

What are good international rivers to go to?

Here are a number of rivers in Europe that will help oyu to broaden your experience.

  • Monschau - Germany
  • Breitz - Normandy, France
  • Simme - Switzerland
  • Muota - Switzerland
  • Inn - Austria
  • Bourg St Maurice - France
  • Sort - Spain

What are good experienced level rivers?

These rivers require considerable skill and strength to be able to paddle with confidence. 

  • Nith
  • Tees
  • Usk (high water)
  • Tay (Grandtully)
  • Tay (Thistlebrig)
  • Dee (high water)
  • Tryweryn (top site and bala mill)
  • Lune
  • Dart Loop (high water)

What are good upper level progressive rivers?

These rivers are more testing, requiring the paddler to make informed risk decisions themselves. The water typically is more powerful and requires more strength and understanding of water.

  • Dart Loop (med water)
  • Tryweryn (graveyard only)
  • Wye (high water)
  • Usk (low/med water)
  • Tay (low water)
  • Dee (Low to med water including tail)

What are good Progressive rivers?

These rivers are a little more challenging, requireing more river awareness and confidence. Some rivers in this category will vary in skill level depending upon the water levels.

  • Wye (low water)
  • Eden (higher water)
  • Leven
  • North Tyne
  • Tryweryn (middle course)
  • Washburn
  • Trent (Whitewater course)
  • Awe
  • Tees Barrage
  • Taff
  • Dee (Below Tail to above Town)

What are good entry level rivers?

Here is a list of rivers that are suitable for entry level paddlers, first time experience or early days progression. 

  • Trent (Stone)
  • Goyt
  • Wear
  • Mersey
  • Severn (Ironbridge)
  • Aire
  • West Tanfield
  • Clyde
  • Teith
  • Derwent (Matlock)
  • Irwell (Burrs)
  • Exe 
  • Eden
  • Teme (Little Hereford -Tenby)
  • Lower Dart
  • Dove
  • Avon
  • Nene
  • Royal Dee