1.1 Core Skills

Wild Water Racing is a combination of 3 core areas:
  • Core whitewater skills – including river awareness and understanding e.g. from playboating or slalom
  • Flatwater skills – the ability to make a boat move fast on flatwater and training discipline
  • WWR specific skills – steering a WWR boat, paddling forward effectively and essential river skills in a WWR boat


  Figure 1‑1

Athletes come to Wild Water Racing with a range of different skills and knowledge. Some athletes will progress quite well with the skills they already have, but without the foundation that all the core skills provide, it is difficult to provide the platform onto which further Elite WWR skills can be built (Figure 1‑1).

When all the components of these 3 areas are in place an athlete will be a ‘complete’ Wild Water Racer and likely to get the most enjoyment from Wild Water Racing and potentially move on to build further Elite WWR skills.
This manual, in conjunction with the Wild Water Racing Development Academy’s athlete syllabus, aims to highlight the full range of skills and knowledge that create the platform of core skills.