Welcome to Wildwater Canoeing

Wildwater Canoeing is a discipline of canoe racing, also known as Wildwater Racing and Whitewater Racing. The wildwater time trial is the purest of whitewater racing forms - the athlete, the river, the clock.

A racing performance is the result of physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the water - and is the only sport where social paddling is necessary to achieve a peak performance. Beautiful water, scenery and companionship make the Wild Water Racing experience compelling. The competitor is free to take whichever route on the river they desire, a freedom of racing unsurpassed in the whitewater world. 

Wildwater Canoeing is governed by British Canoeing

GB Selection Registration Open

The registration for selection for Great Britain teams is now open.

All registrations must be in before Saturday 6th April 2019.

In order to register your intention, you will need to be logged into the WWR website. To register you must provide:

  • Email address (this will be used to contact you with the results of selection and it is your responsibility to ensure it is correct)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • A copy of your passport and
  • A passport sized photograph

The photo and a copy of your passport should be sent to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within two weeks of registering. (Note: this is not required if you competed for GB in 2018).

When entering please state which class(es) you wish to be considered for and in which competitions. You can enter a maximum of two classes in each competition e.g. K1/C2;C1/C2; K1/C1. This does not include team events. If you wish to enter more than one class you can use the "Add Guest" button to create another registration form.

For the world cups please state if you wish to be considered for world cups 3 and 4 in China.

As a selected athlete you will potentially be required to compete in the team event, which will be at the direction of the team manager.

Please read the selection policy and junior and senior competency requirements before registering. Selection will take place a few days after the selection race. Once notified you will be required to accept or decline your place within seven days of selection being announced.

For selected athletes a contribution/deposit will be required within seven days of selection being announced. WWR will subsidise Great Britain Teams, with the Senior Worlds and Junior Worlds being the focus events. World Cup, U23s and Europeans representation will be self-funding and self-supporting.

Competitions are as follows:

  • SENIOR WORLD SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS 24 – 29 Sept La Seu D’Urgell, Spain
  • SENIOR WORLD CUPS 1-2.  6 - 10 June Treignac/Vezere France
  • SENIOR WORLD CUPS 3-4 11 – 16 Dec Lu Chiu City, Salween, China
  • SENIOR EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 14 – 18 May 2019 Soca, Kobraid, Bovec
  • JUNIOR AND U23 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 24 -29 June 2019 Banja Luka

Any problems with registration need to be communicated to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  prior to registration close, and we will try to rectify any issues.