Welcome to Wildwater Canoeing

Wildwater Canoeing is a discipline of canoe racing, also known as Wildwater Racing and Whitewater Racing. The wildwater time trial is the purest of whitewater racing forms - the athlete, the river, the clock.

A racing performance is the result of physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the water - and is the only sport where social paddling is necessary to achieve a peak performance. Beautiful water, scenery and companionship make the Wild Water Racing experience compelling. The competitor is free to take whichever route on the river they desire, a freedom of racing unsurpassed in the whitewater world. 

Wildwater Canoeing is governed by British Canoeing

Tyne/ Tees Race, GBR National Prize-giving and Annual Consultative Meeting

The Tyne/ Tees Racing at the Tour o'the North (TotN) as well as GBR National Prize-giving and Annual Consultative Meeting will be taking place Next Weekend. All are welcome. We very much look forward to seeing everyone at our second major national event of this season. A quick reminder to everyone to bring back their trophies - or get them to someone who is racing. Many congratulations to this year's (2017/18 Season) winners:
WWR Ranking winners 2017/2018
Cameron Hance – Hamble Sea Scouts 2018 MK1 - U12 Winner
Leon Tomlinson – Pennine CC 2018 MK1 - U14 Winner
Michael Preston – Hamble Sea Scouts 2018 MK1 - U16 Winner
Michael Denvir – Forth CC 2018 MK1- U18 Winner
Calum Gingell – Bradford on Avon 2018 MK1 – U23 Winner
Nicky Cresser - NKC 2018 MK1 – Men’s Winner
Ryan Hunt – Forth CC 2018 MC1 – U23 and Overall Winner
Ryan Hunt & Mike Rees-Clark Forth CC and Basingstoke CC MC2 Senior Winner
Lydia Oxtoby – Leighton Buzzard CC 2018 WK1 Overall and Ladies Winner
Emma Christie – Breakout CC 2018 WK1 U14 Winner
Victoria Longstaff – Duddon CC 2018 WK1 U16 Winner
Laura Milne – Pinkston Panthers CC 2018 WK1 U18 Winner
Victoria Murray – Breadalbane CC 2018 WK1 U23 Winner
Rachel Houston – Pinkston Panthers CC 2018 WC1 Ladies Winner
Zara Montgomery – Breakout CC 2018 WC1 U14 Winner
Amber & Nicola Rudge – Breakout CC 2018 WC2 Winners