Welcome to Wildwater Canoeing

Wildwater Canoeing is a discipline of canoe racing, also known as Wildwater Racing and Whitewater Racing. The wildwater time trial is the purest of whitewater racing forms - the athlete, the river, the clock.

A racing performance is the result of physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the water - and is the only sport where social paddling is necessary to achieve a peak performance. Beautiful water, scenery and companionship make the Wild Water Racing experience compelling. The competitor is free to take whichever route on the river they desire, a freedom of racing unsurpassed in the whitewater world. 

Wildwater Canoeing is governed by British Canoeing

Selection and 2017 Plans

Registration for selection is now open and available here. You will need to be logged in to register for selection. Registration for selection will automatically enter you for the selection event, there is no need to enter separately.

The selection policy can be downloaded here. The full details of the competence assessments are here for juniors and here for seniors & U23.

Selection for 2017 Great Britain teams (not World Championshipswill be at Grandtully on 22/23 April 2017

  • Rationale - The course is the most representative to that in nature and length.
  • Race Organiser – Under direction of Head Coach 
Selection for 2017 Sprint World Championships will be at Bala on 24th June 2017 (Alternative HPP 9th July)
  • Rationale – The course best reflects the high competence levels required at the event. 
  • Race Organiser – Under direction of Head Coach  

Competence & Performance Requirements

  • World Championships - Competency High, Performance Medium. (Target Event)
  • World Cup - Competency Medium, Performance Low. (Development Event)
  • Senior Europeans - Competency Medium, Performance Low. (Development Event)
  • Junior World Championships - Competency Medium. Performance Low (Target Event)
  • Under 23 Worlds - Competency Medium. Performance Low. (Development Event)
The 2017 increased competency rating for the World Championships reflect the more challenging course, and nature of the venues. Our rationale centres around we regard it appropriate that the athletes are expected to be of a standard to be able to cope with the courses for safety purpose. The ratings for the other events are appropriate for the events and rivers under normal water conditions. The performance standards for 2017 with the exception of the World Championships have been retained at low. The rationale for this is to maintain the momentum of increased numbers competing for selection, with a view to increased competition levels for available places, thus leading to higher standards as a greater number of athletes compete.
The increased level for the World Championships reflects the desire for continued performance progression and higher competition for places.   We have seen good evidence of this in the last year and it is vital that the momentum is maintained, to encourage participation and encourage transfer from across the paddle sport disciplines. The target events for 2017 should be the Senior Sprint World Championships and Junior World Championships. This allows for team event medal possibility to be developed over the coming year, which is the area identified as the highest potential for medal possibility.  The two events termed as development (World Cup/Under 23/European Champs) should be made available to paddlers not selected for the aforementioned events where athletes from the worlds team do not - 
  • elect to take places
  • do not meet the criteria (U23) 
  • or more places exist (world cup)

Coaching Team 2017

  • Head Coach –  Paul Anderson
  • Performance Director – Jamie Christie
  • National Coach – Nicky Cresser
  • National Coach – Grant Anderson
  • Senior Team Manager  – Paul Anderson
  • Junior Team Manager – Nicky Cresser
  • Regional Coach - Russ Smith
  • Regional Coach – Nigel Stevenson
  • Regional Coach – Ross Pearton
  • Regional Coach - Mackon Khela
  • Regional Coach – Carl Foody
  • Regional Coach – Fraser Gormal
  • Regional Coach – Cynthia Berry
  • Regional Coach – Neal Underwood
  • Regional Coach – Kevin Barrowbank 
Membership to the British Squad will reflect the performance standards as set. The basic ethos of membership is to develop those athletes who are committed to British Team Selection in the next 2 years or those who have been identified as having that potential. 
Squad Membership is defined as: 2016 British Team athletes, or invite by agreement of head coach/coaching team, but will be aimed at encouraging maximum participation. 
Attendance at squad training (see below for dates) is not mandatory but athletes are encouraged and attendance  will be a factor considered by the coaching team in selection recommendations. The nominated events will have members of the national coaching team to  lead and direct. 
Competency levels for GB selection will for the 2017 season be assessed at the respective selection events only for the senior world championships, and at selection events plus the Grandtully training camp in February for the other events. Carl Foody will undertake the role as core assessor with  the Head Coach as the designated “Controller” and co-assessor. Competence will thus be a part of selection, however the assessor may take into account recent (past 12 months) knowledge. 

Training Events

  • Coach Supported Event – Tour of the North November 2016 (PA/NC/CF/FG) 
  • SCA Xmas Squad Training – W/C 12th December (SCA Event but open invite) 
  • Nottingham – 14th – 15th January 2017 (GA/JC) 
  • Grandtully WWR & Squad Training – 15th- 19th February 2017 (NC/PA/CF/FG) 
Pau Training Camp - 8,9,10 March 2017. This camp will be self funded and self-organised regarding logistics. Application to attend will be made through the Head Coach. This event is designed to support athletes that can meet the HIGH competence rating at selection and are seeking World Championship Selection.