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Wildwater Canoeing is a discipline of canoe racing, also known as Wildwater Racing and Whitewater Racing. The wildwater time trial is the purest of whitewater racing forms - the athlete, the river, the clock.

A racing performance is the result of physical conditioning, skill and harmony with the water - and is the only sport where social paddling is necessary to achieve a peak performance. Beautiful water, scenery and companionship make the Wild Water Racing experience compelling. The competitor is free to take whichever route on the river they desire, a freedom of racing unsurpassed in the whitewater world. 

Wildwater Canoeing is governed by British Canoeing

Manor Farm Race Report 8th May


Manor Farm Wild Water sprint canoe race was held on the certainly the hottest day of 2016 so far.

Timeless Summer Day

Through the lovely woods of Manor Farm (home of the War Time Farm seen on TV), to the River Hamble upstream of the M27 Motorway Bridge, by courtesy of the Manor Farm Park Managers, a gruelling 8 to 11 minute sprint was raced twice by paddlers aged from 13 to 77.  The main obstacles were the pleasure boaters, fun paddlers, shallows covered by the spring tide and the crabbing lines off the jetty. The race seemed to be appreciated by the large group of onlookers probably thinking why on earth are they expending so much effort on such a hot day!!!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The Hamble Sea scouts yet again showed their mettle by paddling to the start from their base, over 1.5 miles downstream, with a practice rescue on route, the hapless scout who fell in shall remain nameless, "don't panic Mr Wilkins!!!"  They then entertained the rest of the paddlers and the non-paying public with rolling, swimming and generally having a good time whilst those with less energy sat back in the faint hope they would tire themselves out for the race to give us a fighting chance!!!  After the race they paddled back off into the distance hopefully to be seen again some time.

Just Messing About in the river!!!

Paddy Wilkins from the Hamble Sea Scouts at the start.

In the Wild Water class Dr Selwyn Richards yet again beat off his rival Richard Davis, with Selwyn's son 15 year old Tom coming in a creditable third. The Hamble Sea Scouts made a clean sweep of the Open class with 17 year old Conor Buckman taking the honours, Special mention should go to Hamble Sea Scout Michael Preston who despite being quite new to the formula one racing K1 he was paddling put in two times within a second of each other.

Michael Preston

Prize Giving

Susan Templeton the organiser said "I was so impressed yet again everyone rallied round to make the race a success by helping with timings, getting paddlers in and out of the water and encouraging each other.  All ages respectful and supportive of each other."

Everyone said they had, had a great time on a lovely day.

There are a number of WWR and open races as part of a series taking place in the South with the next one the Hamble River Raid http://www.hambleriverraid.com/  (including a ranking WWR race) on 21 May 2016, see http://www.wildwater.org.uk . For details of visiting the lovely Manor Farm and Wartime Farm as seen on TV go to http://www3.hants.gov.uk/manorfarm

Susan Templeton

8 May 2016