stone.jpg The Stone River Race Course is located on the upper Trent at Stone in Staffordshire. It is held on a 3.5km stretch of the river between the Darlaston Inn (located on roundabout at junction of A34 and A51) and Stafford and Stone Canoe Club (located just off the A34 by the shell garage roundabout in Stone).
The river is an easy grade 1 consisting of a swiftly flowing current that sweeps round numerous tight bends (some more than 180 degrees!) and finishes down the slalom course at Stone. Access to the start is obtained from the lower pub car park via steps to the water located under the road bridge (just ask the landlord for courtesies sake), and the finish is located by the canoe club with easy access from the public car park there.

It is a suitable site for beginners and access is allowed at all times.

A good training site which allows paddling back up the river if you don't have a car shuttle available.