Olympic Ties

olympicstiesWildwater Racing is seen by the ICF as a feeder sport to Olympic sprint racing. At the London 2012 Olympics a number of athletes came from a Wildwater Racing background including Jonnie Schofield (Bronze Medal K2 200m, GBR), Arnaud Hybois (World Champion K2 200m) and Max Hoff (K1 1000m World Champion).

The new Olympic discipline of 200m racing seems to suit the wildwater racing athlete, with an emphasis on power to weight and very stong core and acceleration skills.

There is not a formal link between GB Canoeing and WWR at present, although closer ties are expected. Wildwater Racing has shown that is capable to refining skills that can be applicable to sprint racing. The ICF hopes that there will be more crossover between flatwater racing and whitewater racing in the future, and international events have already been selected to encourage this.