Minutes of ACM held at The Book Shop Cafe, Llangollen 30th October 2010.

Attending: Alex Baker, Janie Baker, Mike Baker,  Hannah Brown, Louise Brown, Jamie Christie, John Handyside,  Sandra Hyslop , Jes Oughton, Jo Oughton (minutes) , Lydia Oxtoby, Steve Oxtoby,  Peter Schofield (Chair),  Alan Tordoff,  Phil Dean and James Wingfield .


Malcolm Bowes, Peter Hargreaves, Simon Wright


Clubs represented
Bradford upon Avon, Canoe England, Dyffryn Conway Paddlers, Leyton Buzzard, SCA, Soar Valley and Wiltshire Youth.


The Minutes of the last meeting were approved by JC and seconded by Jes O as an accurate record.


Chairman’s report

The Chairman’s full address can be found on the website but the following points were noted


Shrinking number of volunteers

The sport had achieved remarkable success with such a small band of volunteers  and there was a desperate need for new additional help with the organisation.


Results during 2010-11-21

There had been brilliant success with the GB team’s results, with the best results ever across the board, and PS congratulated all athletes, coaches and helpers.


Changes to the Calendar

These changes have not worked and this year the Calendar will have further changes to get the errors right and look to improve how many races are held.  Changes need to be communicated to organisers, along with the reasons for change – to avoid losing race organisers.  It was suggested a Workshop event be organised to get all the organisers together to discuss the changes and agree the way forward.



English Council
This council should reflect the views of all the disciplines and should allow the sport to develop taking into account the views of all, rather than just the stronger disciplines.



New clubs 
Efforts should be made to encourage links with the new clubs and organisers and to advertise the new races series being established.  WWR needs to be flexible enough to bring these events under the banner of WWR if possible.  PS noted we should welcome the Sharks – who are running short races open to all boats, run by Neil Underwood, and the Barrow series of races run with a similar format.



Calendar for 2010-2011 
Once the new Calendar is agreed it needs to be sent to the Canoe Focus and be published on the Website.  HB agreed to ask her father if he could produce a collage of padding photos for organisers to use to advertise the races and emails being sent out, and PS agreed to supply the photos.



Grow our sport database
PS thanked Don Christie for taking on this project and noted that further development would follow once people started adding their names to the database and people got used to the email reminders being sent.

PS hoped this initiative would reconnect past paddler to the sport and get people coming back to races.



PS noted that there had been successful development in the Regions and the trip to Borg during the year, but further development was needed to bridge the gap between regional and national squads.



Race organiser for the Dee

PS noted that a new organiser will be needed  to run the next Dee race, and any suggestions should go to him to approach.



Masters series
PS reported that it was hoped this new series would bring back paddlers to the sport, paddlers who are competitive and paddling regularly, who could compete against each other and hopefully bring new paddlers with them to races.



National bib coordinator
PS noted that this is a job that needs someone to take on – to keep track of where the bibs are and to be a contact for organisers who need bids.



University students

PS noted that the event at the Washburn should be attended again by WWR reps, to encourage students to come to other races.   It was suggested that students could be invited to local races to get coaching before the Washburn event, and be encouraged to enter the races as practice.  It was noted that it was too late to sort this before this years’ race but it should be considered for next year.



PS reported that the white bus needed a new engine and the blue bus which was slightly damaged on the last trip abroad may be written off by the insurance company.
PS noted that someone was needed to take over the running of the buses as they needed to pay their way and be kept running.



International competition
PS noted that the management of the Senior team and coaches will not change as it has worked well, but the Junior side need separate development especially with the 2011 international races being held in Serbia.  The meeting noted it may cost too much to send paddlers to these races, and funding may be better spent organising and running   development trips to Wales and Borg.   Ideas and volunteers names should be sent to Alan or Jamie.



Secretary’s Report

The meeting noted  that more meeting s are required, and these should be open to regional,  club and athlete representation, rather than trying to hold meetings after races.



Treasurer’s Report
PS thanked Simon for continuing to do a great job with the accounts, and noted that the cash reserves had been growing again, and the BCU funding is to be maintained for a further year.
The meeting noted that funding for further years was not guaranteed, and would probably be linked with attaining increasing participation within the sport.



Senior Team report
JC raised the issue that the reserves had been built back up because of Senior coaches and athletes contributions towards trips, which gave amazing value for money but placed a strain on the people who were not working.

JC also noted  that the Junior trip costs over the summer had been extremely high compared to the Senior trips and it may be fairer to not organise trips with such high costs if it meant the Senior teams having to pay more.

The meeting noted that it may be more economical to fly the boats out to Serbia where the numbers competing are low, as the fuel costs were the most expensive cost with the distance involved.

The meeting noted that places on these trips needs to be earned, possibly linking to race attendance and attaining a certain level of ability before being considered for selection.



National Coaching Report – ref the WWR National Coaching report October 10
JH reported that future funding would be linked with participation, with three separate pots of funding going to England, Wales and Scotland to distribute, and noted that all disciplines need to be clear about targets and goals for young people with guidelines and assessments to monitor progress.

JH noted it may be an idea to have all junior race goers classified as part of the England Squad, which could feed into the England Development Squad, and then the GB squads.


The committee needs to look at and amend the Constitution to reflect this change in funding and ask the Welsh and Scottish representatives if they want to participate in the WWR committee structure.


Academy Syllabus -  NCR item 1.2
The meeting  noted that all the work done on the Academy structure was on hold until it was approved by Canoe England to link into the Star tests  structure which is coming on-stream.

PS agreed to talk to Sue Hornsby for advice in progressing this issue with Canoe England.


National Training Squads – NCR item 2.1
In addition to the report a request for more feedback to be given to athletes was requested, and PS noted that Graham Froggett has agreed to take over the Junior side to help AT.


2011 Selection – NCR item 3.3
AT reported how difficult it is to find a date that is fair to all going for selection, with so many exam times during the year.


BCU/UKCC – NCR item 4
JH that he hoped to run some day courses to attract paddlers into taking the coaching qualifications, and reported that bursaries were available to help pay for the training costs.

JH also noted that there was flexibility for the delivery of coaching courses – 4 day courses  can be split over two weekends  or 10 evening  courses – as the intention was to fast track accreditation nationally.


JH agreed to supply the relevant information for the web-site to help people apply for this funding.


JH noted that all International trips need to be authorised by the WWR Committee again, so future trips must have their permission.



Raising the profile of the sport

The meeting noted that more should be done to make people aware of the sport – JH suggested putting  people forward for the Volunteer awards each year and possibly asking Blue Peter back for another  session on the river.


Find someone prepared to approach companies to support the sport and be prepared to write articles for publications to keep the sport visible.


Proposed motions


The allocation of points for the Wavehopper Challenge series be altered:

  1. 3 races plus the final to count.
  2. Club points be allocated for the best 6 paddlers results in each race.

Action : Motion carried


All U14 and below should receive medals for the first three positions and all participants receive a certificate of participation.

Action:  Motion carried


Election of officers
PS reported that all officers due for re-election had agreed to stand again for a further term of office.  The meeting noted that new members were always welcome to join the committee.

Action:  JC proposed and MB seconded re-election.


Any other business


Use of timing equipment
JW raised the issue of  the Timing equipment not being used for the Sprint races, and noted that timing to the second was not a good enough margin on such a short race.  The meeting noted that races must be timed consistently and rounding up and down is not right.


The meeting agreed to schedule a workshop for race organisers to attend and have instruction on using the timing equipment.  JW agreed to contact organisers and run a workshop at the next Matlock race.