BCU 3 Star Awards

The Wild Water Racing 3 Star Award is now available!

This award will have the same status as other 3 Star Awards, its skill levels will be as near as possible the same, the big difference is that it will be done in Wild Water Racing Kayaks or Canoes and the skills required will be those relevant to Wild Water Racing.

Additionally, just as the other Star Awards, it will count as a pre-requisite Star Award for anyone wishing to become a boat based Level 2 Coach.

Unlike the other Awards however, the WWR 3 Star can be taken over a period of time at different locations. A Log Book will be required and this is obtainable from your National Association, it will be a record of progress and can be used to record training and assessments of the various skills and tasks.

Once completed it is signed off by an accredited Level 3 Wild Water Racing Coach, sent in and a Certificate issued.

4 Star and 5 Star Awards will be introduced at later dates after the 3 star has become established.


Your 3 Star Wild Water Canoeing Log Book

This book is a record of your progress through the 1st level of the Wild Water Canoeing discipline specific star awards. There are various sections to complete and signatures are required from your coach or assessor to verify training and assessment stages of the award have been completed. The award does not have to be completed in one go and the training and the assessment of the tasks can take place over a period of time.

Training can be conducted by any coach who is qualified to work in that environment, Assessments however, can only be carried out by a Level 3 Wild Water Racing Coach who is accredited to do so.

Once completed, your final assessor will return this logbook to the office of your Home Nation Association where it will be verified and certification issued.

There are 7 Sections in the Award:

  • Personal Paddling Skills on the Flat
  • Personal Paddling Skills on WhiteWater 
  • Rescue Skills
  • Safety and Group Skills
  • Experience 
  • General Fitness 
  • Theory

The White Water aspects of the Award are taken on water that may have short sections of Grade 2 but are predominantly less than that.

To gain the Award, the following process will have to be undertaken:

  • Register for the Award with your National Association (CE, SCA, WCA, CANI), pay a £10.00 registration Fee. In return you will receive your 3 Star Log Book. 
  • Complete the training (if required) and the assessment tasks in the book.
  • Get a final sign off from an accredited Level 3 WWR Coach
  • Send your book back to your National Association and a certificate will be issued.

The £10.00 fee is a one off fee and includes final certification as well as the log book.

Download the application formhere. Print off, fill in and send with your registration fee to:

The British Canoe Union
18 Market Place
NG13 8AP

Further information from: Russ Smith,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.