I'm a slalom paddler with good WW skills - what should I do to have a go?

As a slalom paddler you have well developed wildwater skills, and an understanding of wildwater which is a great asset.

The next steps are to have a go in a wildwater racer on some easy water to see if you like it, and then you can select a more challenging piece of water to have a go at. One of the rivers from the progressive selection would be a good entry point for someone who is confident in WW.

The wildwater racing stroke is a little different from the slalom stroke, as you are able to utilise your back and legs a lot more in a WWR boat. Some training in the wildwater boat at a WWR or flatwater club will be beneficial to be able to develop a stronger forward technique. You may develop skills that will be of advantage to you when going back to the slalom boat. Wildwater racing is great for winter conditioning work and for forward paddling technique.