Duncan Eglin Trophy

The Duncan Eglin Trophy is awarded annually to the Junior (U18) who has made the most significant improvements in performance at Division A and International level during the previous season. The Trophy was presented to Wild Water Racing by Mr and Mrs Eglin in memory of their son, who was a keen Wild Water Race and canoeist in general, tragically killed in an Alpine climbing accident. At the time of his death, Duncan was Junior Men's K1 coach. The winner is chosen by the Junior Team Manager, assisted by the relevant coaches, and is ratified by the Wild Water Racing Committee. The name of the winner is announced at the Junior Prizegiving in February.

Previous Winners of the Trophy are:

Year Name Club Class
1984 Alan Tordoff Accrington MK1
1985 Peter Kelly Gateshead MK1
1986 Julie Ashton PHGS WK1
1987 A Field PHGS MK1
1988 Andrew Jolley Accrington MK1
1989 Andy Tracey Haefen C1
1990 Tim Suggett Leeds MK1
1991 Stuart Brass Accrington MK1
1992 Michael Mason Durham MK1
1993 Ben Nelson Lancaster MK1
1994 James Perrier Herts MK1
1995 Peter Keron Lancaster MK1
1996 Andy Hewitt Lancaster MK1
1997 Joel Wilson Chester MK1
1998 Elizabeth Holmes Chester WK1
1999 Mary Jean Smith Chelmsford WK1
2000 Tim Mumford Burton MK1
2001 Jamie Oughton Paddleplus MK1
2002 Jonnie Schofield River Gods MK1
2003 Jessica Oughton Paddleplus WK1
2004 Rory Woods Durham MK1
2005 Sandra Hyslop Hexham WK1
2006 Rob Vincent Soar Valley MK1
2007 Olivia Churchill Royal WK1
2008 Hannah Brown BoA WK1
2009 Harry Postill PHCC MK1
2010 Alec Baker Griffon MK1
2011 Gemma Bishop WYCC WK1
2012 Scott Finch WYCC MK1
2013 Matt Bishop WYCC MK1