tryweryn.jpgThe Tryweryn is a great resource for Wildwater racing as it is one of the very few quality rivers that are available through the summer period. The upper site and lower (usually referred to middle section) part of the river are very different in character. The top site is steep, quality international standard water, below the last feature - chapel falls the character of the river is much flatter slower and easier water.

The river starts at the Llyn Celyn dam, the stilling pool being the site of the old race starts, a vertical 2m drop from this pool providing a great spectacle for observers. Below this is the 'chipper', a salmon grill which diverts the fish into pens for transporting around the dam to the spawning grounds. This upper section is now usually used by rescue courses and is not typically used by WWR.

Get in to the top site is immediately below the chipper, a long flat straight (good for warm ups) leads to the graveyard, this steep rapid is a really fun zoom flume affair which will reward positive paddling. The changes which have been made to accommodate the rafts has resulted in the water taking you on pretty much the right line. 

A short flat straight leads to the ski jump, a v wave followed by a sill, with a clean shoot in the far right corner, speed will be your friend through this section as the boat can get pushed off line into the middle of the drop.

Miss Davies bridge follows, a good sized stopper which requires the paddler to get close to the right bridge pier and then charge at the middle of the stopper to get a good exit line in the middle of the river (the flow tends to push onto a set of rock on river right below). 

A sharp left hand corner by the centre buildings is called the dog leg, setting up the boat with the same angle as the right hand side of the wave will help you round the corner, allowing you to shoot the fingers on the left hand side.

 A small pool allows you to set up for a little ledge drop , shot on the very far right hand side - as close to the rock as you can get - befoere dropping down under the NRA bride. At the time of writing the magic box put in by the centre has resulted in a wave which causes a lot of stern damage - so guards are recommended if paddling this section.

A few waves lead up to the last main feature of the top site - chapel falls, shot on the right, but make sure you square up to the stopper. Put in for the lower section is immediately below this point.

The lower river is much slower and more open than the upper site, with ample opportunities to work on steering using the eddies behind rocks.